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Michele Frizzell has a passion for Mahjong!  As a child Michele watched her Filipino grandfather play Mahjong with his friends and it always mystified her. In ‘73 Michele’s mother, Carolyn, learned how to play Wright-Patterson style at the McChord Air Force Base Officer’s Wives Club. Carolyn taught Michele how to play the game so she could practice at home – playing Mahjong bonded them together immediately.  Carolyn became an avid player and led several Mahjong groups. On occasion Michele would play with Carolyn and her friends – these have become some of Michele’s most cherished memories. Carolyn passed away from cancer in 2004 and that was the pivotal moment when Michele began her mission to share the joys of Mahjong with others in honor of her mother.

Through the years Michele has become an advanced player of several styles...
Cantonese Fast and flexible
Japanese Tactical
National Mah Jongg League Complex
Wright-Patterson Distinctive
What makes Michele unique is that she teaches all of these styles as well. She has designed comprehensive player references and has developed tried-and-true teaching methods that have shortened the learning curve significantly for most players. Anyone who has learned to play Mahjong from Michele speaks highly of her creative approach to learning and great patience as a teacher.

Michele currently offers lessons through the Greater Atlanta Mahjong meetup.

Pick a style, take a lesson and let Michele demystify the captivating game of Mahjong so you can play too!


Mahjong Central instructors value service to the community on both a professional and volunteer basis. They are passionate about giving joy to others through the game of Mahjong. They are committed to providing services with underpinnings of kindness and patience to ensure satisfied players who, in turn, propagate the joys of the game.


Greater Atlanta Mahjong
Find a Mahjong group at the Greater Atlanta Mahjong Meetup.  Established in 2008, this meetup has grown to over 60 members. Groups meet to play in Dunwoody, Johns Creek, Norcross, and Roswell. Players range from beginner to advanced experience playing Cantonese/Hong Kong Old Style, Japanese/Riichi, American/National Mah Jongg League and Wright-Patterson styles. Some players are currently studying International Competition Rules.

The mission of Greater Atlanta Mahjong is to promote the game and culture of Mahjong. They host Mahjong events that are inviting, challenging and fun. They welcome people from all walks of life who want to learn and play the game in all its forms.

Search Meetup.com for groups playing Mahjong in your part of the world.


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