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Mahjong Central has instructors with advanced experience in several of the most popular styles

Once you choose the style you want to learn, you need to choose whether you want to take public or private lessons. 


Lessons are available through the Greater Atlanta Mahjong meetup.  You will need to join the meetup to participate.  Members are eligible for discounted tuition of $25.67  per session per player (online transaction fee included).  Below is the standard schedule if the minimum 4 players is met:
  • Cantonese Rules with Hong Kong Old Style Scoring - 1st Sunday of each month
  • Japanese/Riichi Rules - 2nd Sunday of each month
  • American/National Mah Jongg League Rules - 3rd and 4th Sunday's of each month
  • Wright-Patterson Rules - Upon request

Discounts available for community centers, retirement communities, and senior living centers.  Contact Mahjong Central for details.

PRIVATE LESSONS (tuition per student)

Tuition per Student
Packages BOOT CAMP
 1 4-Hour Session
2 4-Hour Sessions
4 4-Hour Sessions
4 Students
$50 $95 $180
8 Students
$35 $65 $125
16 Students
$45 $85

The number of sessions depends on the needs of the group.  Each lesson starts with a 4-hour, intensive BOOT CAMP where players learn all of the basics of the game.  The multi-session lessons allow time for tactical decision making, strategy and game-play with coaching.

We offer two types of lessons:

For beginner players:  Our beginner lesson plan starts with a brief history of the game.  Next, we model different ways of combining the tiles to make valid hands.  After that, we set up the game and play the game with coaching.  Finally, we share First Principles of Strategy. 

For intermediate players: Our SKILL BUILDER lesson plan starts with exercises designed to hone tactical decision making.  Next, we share First Principles of Strategy.  After that, we work on Speed Training.  Finally, we play the game with new skills learned.  There is also a BOOT CAMP VARIATIONS lesson available upon request.

Our service area is within a 30-mile radius of Roswell, Georgia.  For those outside our service area, an additional fee is required at the time of service:

  • 31-40 mile radius, $55
  • 41-60 mile radius, $70
Contact us today to schedule your lesson!
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