Mahjong Central

Meetup Guidelines


Meetup is an online network designed to help people find others who share the same interest. It is the mission of our meetup to promote the game and culture of mah jongg by hosting live events throughout Georgia. We strive to make our events inviting, challenging, and fun. 


We play National Mah Jongg League (NMJL) style with a $5 pie (quarters, nickles, dimes).  We will arrange 4-player tables whenever possible. Since some members drop-in or drop-out at the last minute, there may be 3-player tables. To be fair to the group as a whole, all members will be expected to be flexible and play at a table of 2, 3, 4, or 5.   We will always have a player rotation to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone.  No house rules.  All skill levels welcome.  

We have found that, though we love playing the game, the real fulfillment comes from being with good friends. We are a very social group so you will find that our events are filled not only with great mah jongg but with laughter and lively conversation as well. If you prefer a serious, fast-paced game this may not be the group for you.