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Group Guidelines

 We playing National Mah Jongg League (NMJL) style with a $5 pie (quarters, nickles, dimes). Whenever possible, we arrange for the ideal 4-player table. Since some members drop-in or drop-out at the last minute, all members should be prepared to play at a table of 3 (including the Charleston), 4, or 5. We will always have a player rotation to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone.

We have found that, though we love playing the game, the real fulfillment comes from being with good friends. We are a very social group so you will find that our events are filled not only with great mah jongg but with laughter and lively conversation as well. If you prefer a serious, fast-paced game this may not be the group for you.


How to Join

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Riichi according to Tyche

Many describe Mahjong as being an ancient Chinese tile game of skill, strategy and luck.  But what truly makes a player skillful is his or her ability to adapt ...

After playing Mahjong for a while, one may be tempted to ask, 'How can anyone claim that this is a game of skill? You have no control over the draw; you have no clues as to what is coming next. How can skill possibly enter into it at all?' The answer is that Mahjong does indeed seem to be governed largely--almost entirely--by chance. And it is not precisely skill that is useful, at least not in the sense in which the word is used in chess or go. What the Japanese call a skillful player is actually one who knows how to adapt to his luck. This is the whole clue to successful play. ~ Tyche 

The Basics

Riichi requires each player to gather four sets (three in a sequence [chi] and/or three of a kind [pon] or four of a kind [kan]) and a pair to win. One of the things that makes this game unique is the use of red 5's and Dora tiles that can add point multipliers (hans) to the winning hand. Another differentiator is being able to declare ready to win (riichi) which raises the value of the hand and allows an additional wager. House rules may vary slightly and there is typically a 1-2 yaku (combination) minimum required to win. We use sticks to track our winnings. 


Contact us if you live in the North Georgia so we can play as a group.

We will be playing by the European Mahjong Association Rules.

Play Online

Mahjong Time is one of several places to play Riichi.  There are 3 membership levels and customization settings.

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