Group price for lessons is tuition per player.


The  number of sessions depends on the needs of the group.  Each lesson  starts with a 4-hour, intensive BOOT CAMP where players learn the  basics of the game.  The multi-session lessons allow time for tactical  decision making, strategy and game-play with coaching.    


Following are the styles currently available for lessons:

 National Mah Jongg League
Hong Kong Mahjong
Japanese Mahjong (Riichi) 


The BEGINNER lesson plan starts with a brief  history of the game.  We then model different ways of combining the  tiles to make valid hands.  Next, we set up the game and play with coaching.  Finally, we delve into strategy.      

The SKILL BUILDER lesson plan for intermediate players starts with  exercises designed to
hone tactical decision making.  Next, we delve into strategy and work on Speed Training.  Finally, we play the game with the new skills.


Offer something exotic to your community by adding mahjong lessons to your list of activities.

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