“I love Michele’s videos. I think her first six videos were Wright Patterson instruction (and I just her more recent series of WP videos; exciting!). I found her when searching You Tube for instruction. I’ve actually watched several of her NMJL instruction videos, and a few Let’s Play Livestreams, and I learn something from all of them … no bad hands, choosing what to pass, etiquette, and more. Even though the hands are different, the sense of strategy and play are the same. She is a gifted instructor and very captivating as well. I am a subscriber and a fan!” ~ Mylin K

“I bought Michele’s lesson kit and just taught my first mah jongg class to three friends! They felt the modeling exercises were very helpful! It was a two hour session because we had a lunch afterwards with other women. We really accomplished a lot in only two hours. Thank you for your valuable advice during the lesson overview. I bought your kit for two reasons – to improve my game and to follow guidelines for teaching! I feel I accomplished both!” ~ Veronica C.

“We hired Michele for our Mah Jongg BOOT CAMPS at the Breman Museum during the run of the exhibition Project Mah Jongg. Her passion, unique teaching approach and flexibility made her an ideal choice. The boot camps proved to be very successful and much appreciated by our visitors. We would most definitely recommend Michele and look forward to continuing our partnership with Mahjong Central.” ~ Ghila S., The William Breman Jewish Heritage and Holocaust Museum

“I took a SKILL BUILDER class that focused on Mahjong variations. I loved learning new ways to play. Michele is very patient and understanding. Now, I want to learn one of the other ways to play. I would definitely recommend Mahjong Central services to others.” ~ Judy E.

“I have been playing Mahjong for 3 years but wanted to improve my skills in setting up my hand and being able to switch to a different hand as needed. My friends and I met with Michele, explained our specific needs. She listened closely and tailored the lesson accordingly. She went around to each player and discussed their individual hand with them. I feel much more confident as a player and I am enjoying the game more, all thanks to Michele. I highly recommend Michele.” ~ Peri R.

“I met Michele through the meet up website. I have wanted to learn Mahjong for a long time but did not know of anyone who could teach me. Michele is extremely professional. She was punctual, organized and very patient. She had prepared materials that took us through the game step by step. Once training was complete she tutored us through two real games. Mahjong itself is a game of strategy and because no two games are the same it can be as challenging as you want to make it. I would recommend it to anyone who likes to play cards or strategy type games.” ~ Karen K.

“I have known and played Mah Jong with Michele for 2 years. She is very patient and kind when you come to her as an inexperienced player. She has a simple way of teaching and explaining the rules of Mahjong . Michelle took time to teach me how to give lessons to new players, who attend my group in Marietta. I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone who’s interested in learning to play Mahjong”. ~ Kathy B.

“I was a little overwhelmed when I started to investigate how to play Mah Jongg but after watching a few of your videos yesterday and today I feel like I can do this!!! Your teaching skills are quite amazing and the baby steps you take to help us understand the game are so necessary to learn Mah Jongg. I ordered a set of tiles and official cards and I can’t wait to start building my practice hands. Thank you for this video! AAAA++++” Nature M.

“I’m beyond excited!!! I just came in 6th place in the Mahjong Time April 2022 American Mah Jong tournament! Thank you, Michele Frizzell, for being such an awesome instructor and giving me the confidence to play in tournaments!” Carol PB


“While my regular Mah Jong game was suspended, I was looking for ways to improve my game. I came across Michele’s instructional videos. She so clearly explained decision-making during the Charleston that I asked her to lead a virtual Charleston Skill Building workshop at my library. It was a big hit with both beginners and more advanced players. We already have plans for Michele to lead more virtual workshops. I can’t wait!” Linda M.